Live Streaming Video Production

I love to produce and stream high-quality live video productions. My experience thus far has primarily been with streaming video game tournaments, but I am enthusiastic about producing more traditional live events. I specialize in the technical engineering and directing side of the live production, and I love it when I can put out an entertaining stream that viewers enjoy.

Content Channels


Tribes Ascend NATL Grand Finals

Tribes: Ascend is a fast-paced game with multiple simultaneous points of interest on the map over the course of a match. In order to capture all the action, I utilized two "cameramen" who streamed their in-game perspective to me, and then I watched both sources and chose the most appropriate camera to display according to the action. I was also able to leverage the two perspectives for picture-in-picture so that no action was ever missed.

Logos Smash Bros. Tournament

This was a live event for Super Smash Bros. Project M, requiring the capture of a Wii, as well as three commentator mics and two cameras. I performed all the audio and video mixing, as well as updating graphics for player names and scores. A TV was set up for participants to watch the stream when they were not playing.

Hearthstone: Deck Wars Season 1 Finals

Hearthstone is a free-to-play digital card game that has players dueling against each other with virtual cards. However, the game does not feature any sort of observer or spectator mode. Thus, I coordinated with the players so that they could stream their in-game perspectives to me, which I could then mix and display to the commentators. I was also in charge of giving instruction and cues to the players and commentators for when to start the games, as well as bring them in for interviews.

Tribes Central Podcast

This was a podcast featuring myself as host and three guests discussing the game Tribes: Ascend. I incorporated their webcams via Skype and intermixed relevant video according to the discussion topics. In addition to hosting, I managed the videos and graphical overlays to display to viewers over the course of the show so people could follow along.