Software Development

To me, programming isn't a job, but a thrill. I love solving the puzzles, learning the ropes, and experiencing that satisfying feeling when I make some great accomplishment, all while enriching others' lives through my work. I love to bend a computer to my will, getting it to work for me to advance the things I want to do.

I've always been interested in computers since I was a kid, learning how to create web pages with my middle-school friends in the earlier days of the internet, and writing my first program on a TI-83 calculator. As I investigated more technologies and got more experience in the workplace and on my own, I knew that I had found something I truly enjoyed doing. I've really learned to love the creative aspect of constructing a program, especially in a work environment where programmers are cared for and valued.

I'm comfortable working in several different technology stacks, in both Windows and Linux environments. Languages I've used in the past include C#, Java, PHP, and some dabbling in Ruby. There was even a dark time where I programmed with ColdFusion. A lot of my experience has been with web-based development both on the front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and the back end (IIS, Apache, nginx, REST APIs, MVC architecture). And of course, no web app is complete without some SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, SQLite, Oracle).

You can see my full résumé here, and check out some of my stuff on the web below.

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